PT’MOVEMENT Wellness Centre Offers GYROTONIC® Sessions

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What will GYROTONIC® training bring to your life?

An advanced training experience carried out on highly-specialized, hand-crafted machines, focused on:

  • Improving posture.
  • Using the power of breath to rejuvenate and revitalize energy.
  • Decompression of joints.
  • Advancing movement patterns and body awareness.
  • Spinal mobility! Spinal mobility! Did we say…spinal mobility?
  • Enhanced functional movement for sport and everyday life.
  • Core strengthening.

Our Approach

At PT’MOVEMENT, there are a variety of ways to experience the GYROTONIC® method.

  • As part of treatment

Movement repatterning, joint stabilization, core strengthening, and more, all as part of physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment plan. 30min.

  • Advanced training for sport, dance, and life

Think joint mobility, muscle intelligence, body awareness + control, core strength, and spinal mobility. 55min.

  • Therapeutic movement experience

Movement is medicine. A full body movement and breath experience, restoring and renewing your body by addressing its interconnectedness. 55min.

New to the GYROTONIC® method?

We offer complimentary 30 minute intro sessions with all of our teachers!


Here’s what to expect:

  • Discussion of your goals.
  • Education about the method and its approach.
  • Breath work practice.
  • Sampling of the basic GYROTONIC® movements.

Discovery Packages for new clients

Only available for clients brand new to GYROTONIC® training at PT’MOVEMENT. This package includes 3 one-on-one sessions at the best price per class.

Pricing + Packages

One-on-one Training (55 min) with a GYROTONIC® trainer
Single $100
Package of 5 $480
Package of 10 $920
Package of 20 $1,760

One-on-one Training (55 min) with a GYROTONIC® trainer
*also a licensed healthcare provider
Single $120
Package of 5 $576
Package of 10 $1,104
Package of 20 $2,112

GYROTONIC® Training Limited Time Offer

We Treat. We Train. We Educate.

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