PT’MOVEMENT Wellness Centre Offers GYROTONIC® Sessions

two women doing physio therapy at a clinic

The essence of GYROTONIC® Training:

  • Attaining functional spinal movement.
  • Connecting breath to movement.
  • Targeting the deepest layer of muscles responsible for posture and core
  • Utilizing cues and hands-on guidance to establish a new level of
    mind-body connection.

It is difficult to accurately convey the experience of the GYROTONIC® training because it is highly dependent on the individual. Mindset, previous movement experience, personality, as well as strengths and weaknesses all affect what a client will get out of a session. For this reason, to truly understand what GYROTONIC® training can offer you, we recommend new clients purchase Discovery Sessions, to experience both the science and the beauty of movement for yourself.

How do I know if GYROTONIC® sessions are right for me?

  • You are concerned about your posture.
  • You have been searching for personal training in order to gain the most out of each and every movement.
  • You would like to advance your high performance achievements in sport and dance through increased flexibility, mobility and strength.
  • You find that after sitting at your desk for 3 or more hours your neck and back ache.
  • You experience chronic stress and you notice you hold your breath as a result.
  • You notice that your breathing is shallow with age, anxiety, deconditioning, etc.
  • You wish to understand your body better and to deepen your mind-body connection.
  • You have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and are looking for a way to manage it.
  • You have noticed muscular imbalances within your body.
  • You have been diagnosed with scoliosis.
  • You have received treatment for a bulging disc, disc herniation, or have had more than one episode of back pain in the past.
  • You have received treatment for a rotator cuff injury in the past.
  • You wish to improve your mobility in order to complete your activities of daily living with ease.

A GYROTONIC® session is an advanced training experience carried out on highly-specialized, hand-crafted machines:

instructor helping client on movement machine

Our state of the art studio features 3 GYROTONIC® Pulley Towers and 2 Jumping-Stretching Boards.

Training on both of these machines allows for upwards of 200+ exercises.

The machines support your body weight, which allows gravity to support you in each movement and thus increase your end range of motion. They also assist in creating better space in the joints, and as a result movements are performed on a deeper level. And finally, they challenge the body to execute exercises in all 3 planes of movement – restoring circling and spiraling motions within the joints as designed by nature.


The resistance of natural gravitational forces alternating between flexion and extension of the spine help to improve posture and promote a balanced body.

Everyday + Athletic Movements

The body structure and anatomy require circular and spiraling patterns of motion on a daily basis. Training the body to function in this way helps to improve the majority of everyday movement in both life and sport.


The coordination of diaphragmatic breathing with each movement synchronizes synergistic work between motions to help rejuvenate and revitalize energy. Basically – while breathing – you are stabilizing, stretching and strengthening. Inhaling and exhaling happens in an easy manner without pause or tension.


The active control of engaging muscles increases their flexibility, encouraging safe opening of the joints, which helps to prevent overstretching.

Joints + Spinal Column

The equal distribution of forces through each joint and vertebrae decrease stress on the body and lead to greater range of motion and better energy expenditure.

Core Strength

The integration of core muscles provides a great base for functional and fluid movements – taking the body to the next level of well-being.

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