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pt’movement wellness centre

PT’MOVEMENT Wellness Centre is an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals (PT – practitioners) and movement professionals (PT – personal trainers) located in Ballantrae who guide our patients (PT – patients) through their recovery process and beyond.

We treat.

Our physiotherapists and massage therapists will address pain, tightness, stiffness, and any consequences of any injury or poor function, big or small, that stop you from moving well.

We train.

We use the GYROTONIC® method. And that offers a whole new world in training, wellness, and therapy.

We educate.

In a world that is overwhelmed with information, we play the role of a lighthouse to help you navigate which is suitable for you.

five women standing around some equipment in a physio therapy clinic
Valerie Rolf von den Baumen

Meet Valerie

Many people are led to believe that when you are having muscle or joint pain, you can simply take a pill to feel better. Research and studies have shown that movement is an effective approach to treating such pain. I’ve spent much of my career developing a toolbox of different movement methods designed to treat a vast array of health conditions.

Nataliya Botova

Meet Nataliya

I’ve always been passionate about movement. My path started back in Ukraine, where I studied physical education and sport. Since arriving in Canada, I have accumulated more than 15 years of experience to serve my clients.

We believe that movement is an expression of LIFE.

We believe that movement is an expression of LIFE. We inspire our clients to move better. We know how to help Physiotherapy and GYROTONIC® communities understand each other better and help  their clients move better. The integration of physiotherapy knowledge, combined with the movement experience of the GYROTONIC® method, will solve many mobility issues in a vast array of clients.

We Treat. We Train. We Educate.

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