Clinical Balance Program

An education and movement program combined with the fun of line dancing

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6 Week Education and Movement Program

Program Focus:

  • Falls prevention strategies.
  • Learned self-management techniques for balance improvements in everyday activities.
  • Protection against degenerative loss in reactionary forces.
  • Increased lower leg and ankle power for functional activities such as stairs, stepping off of curbs, walking on unstable surfaces.

Who could benefit:

Individuals looking to improve their balance and gain strategies for the prevention of falls in a fun and active group setting.

Improve your balance with the fun of line dancing

  • The program starts with session 1, which includes education, the gathering of your personal balance metrics, and a sampling of movement.
  • Sessions 2-11 will incorporate progressive balance protocols, delivered via line dancing steps!
  • The program ends on session 12, where your balance metrics are remeasured to give you a clear picture of the improvements achieved, education on next steps to continue in your everyday life, and of course, a line dancing movement finale!

Program Summary and Expectations

12 sessions over 6 weeks
$525 + hst.


Education about falls prevention, important lifestyle strategies, and the benefits of movement for balance, taught by a Physiotherapist with training in balance therapy..

Outcome Measures

Your personal balance metrics are measured at the start and finale of the program to give you a clear picture of the achievements gained.

Group Classes

Forget boring balance exercises, our clinicians have incorporated line dancing so improving balance is both fun and effective!

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Led by Sharmeel, a physiotherapist with special training in balance therapy. Group classes taught by Tristan, our Osteopathic Manual Therapist, who also happens to be an expert line dancer!

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