At PT’MOVEMENT, education is embedded in every aspect of what we do.

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Every client has a story. Each pain, trauma, and condition has a story as well.

Though the path to recovery and wellness is unique to each client, the SCIENCE behind each journey is always the same. With our unique system of care, we understand the science – how the body recovers and the way in which our body and our movements are connected. We are able to lead and support you from the beginning to the end, arriving at a place that has you moving better, and thus living better.

Not everyone begins their journey from injury or acute trauma. Many clients come to us to advance performance, improve quality of life, strengthen their mind-body connection, and in general, with the desire to do more in their own lives.

To understand what system of care will bring you the most success, the first step is always an assessment. This assessment will help us to determine the goal of care and what physiotherapy tool will be best suited to achieve these goals. Our system of care includes goals that focus on any of the following:

  • Controlling inflammation, protecting tissues, and preventing any permanent damage through physiotherapy.
  • Enhancing tissue healing, limiting impaired tissue, and decreasing body compensation patterns through physiotherapy and the GYROTONIC® Method.
  • Conditioning the body to return to life before injury. Focusing on functional training, balance, core muscle strengthening, and breathing patterns through the GYROTONIC® Method and some physiotherapy.
  • Returning to sport, achieving success in competition, increasing performance, and achieving new goals through the GYROTONIC® Method and our wellness room experience.
We Treat. We Train. We Educate.

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